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Yohana Accessories Inc.

Hello there friends, it’s Yohana 💛

I want to introduce myself for those who are new to Yohana Accessories Co. I am a 26 year old, born and raised in Denver, CO who has a love for fashion design and jewelry making. Some of my other favorite hobbies include hiking, gardening and spending time with family & friends.  The name Yohana originates from the country of Eritrea. "Yohana" is used as a term of endearment and celebration as it was used to commemorate Eritrea gaining its independence after a long war with Ethiopia. People would shout "Yohana" as a way of saying congratulations to the newly founded freedom that the country earned.

I am a proud African- American woman that celebrates all people and identities. I find it important to include intersectionality in all aspects of life. I believe this starts with learning self-love and self-discovery and allowing it to radiate to others. This business firmly believes in equality and justice. This is why the company donates a percentage of its proceeds to various organizations each month. We choose organizations that are  fighting for rights for those who fight adversity and injustice. If you have an organization in mind that we should donate to, please contact us!

Thank you for your support and time

IG: Yohana.accessories

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