Paint Brushes


Rachel creates each custom piece by hand using a combination of different mediums to make the pieces come to life. Each custom work of art is hand signed by Rachel herself and will now come with a certification of authenticity for proof of value. 

"The Brotherhood"

Rachel created this piece to highlighted some of our  prominent Black leaders. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and W.E.B Dubois. This painting was complete in 2019 and now resides in North Carolina.


"SuperBowl 2020" 

At the start of 2020 Rachel was commissioned to create this abstract painting depicting ten football players and the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Some players have a number on their jersey per the families request.   


Rachel was commissioned to recreate Gordon Park's photograph, of a mom and daughter in front of a colored only entrance in the 60's during the time of Jim Crow.



When asked to recreate the art from J.I.D's "EdEddneddy's" music video Rachel jumped at the chance!. Pictured is the collector along side J.I.D himself who signed the painting after his concert.


"Mother's Day"

Rachel was requested to create a portrait of a daughter and her late mother for mothers day from a picture of them together on her wedding day.