What is LWC?

I started this blog LWC (Lift While you Climb) to create a platform to highlight men and women, specifically those of color, who are creatives taking charge of their dreams through entrepreneurship!​


Lifting while we climb is a phrase rooted in Black/African American community, to describe a person pulling someone up the proverbial ladder. 

In 1896 the National Association of Colored Women (NACW) emerged with their founding principle "Lifting as we Climb". They believed that by elevating their status as community organizers and leaders, Black women could elevate the status of their entire communities.  The Association focused their efforts on providing resources and social services to those who were deemed powerless members of society. They built schools to offer better education opportunities, they aided the elderly by funding and establishing living homes, they provided access to many resources like daycare, health clinics, job trainings and parenting classes.


The women of the NACW are an inspiration and a testament of the power of unity. They exemplify solidarity amongst women with a common goal. They realized that they had the power to effect political, economic, and social change. 

We all have information, knowledge, or resources in different areas whether that is in career opportunities, education, finance, health, businesses or talents and I believe if we come together we can transform our world, and it’s my commitment to utilize my platform to do so.