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Isolated Thoughts

My name is Langston Mayo and I am a first-year Candidate for a Masters of Science degree in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at the University of Oregon's School of Law. Simultaneously, while carrying the load of a full-time student, I operate and record a podcast by the name of Isolated Thoughts Podcast. The inspiration for hosting my own podcast goes all the way back to my freshman year of undergrad at the University of Northern Colorado, where myself and two friends started our own radio show called the iLLuminnators, where we just talked about music, focusing in on Hip-hop and R&B. However, a little after a year and poor management and defunding the radio station shut down at UNC, and we were out of a place to connect and have our own platform.

Fast forward to early 2020, and I figured I had previously bought microphones and always wanted to get back into doing something similar to the radio again. As the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to adapt, I chose to realize the right time wouldn't just fall out of the sky and put my passion into action. The name Isolated Thoughts was born due to my circumstances of being on lockdown alone and that the show would be just me. Ideally, I want to use the podcast to have authentic conversations with people, that are in the vein of interviews. For now, though I am getting comfortable writing, prepping, and hosting an entire show on my own. The soul of iLLuminators remains with Isolated Thoughts being a music podcast at its core, however, though I wish to always bring substance into the conversations I have. If that it be; Male accountability, understanding control vs influence, or understanding the value of empathy. I want Isolated Thoughts to be enriching as much as it may be entertaining.



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